Beware death!

2008-07-20 23:50:55 by Ransom09

In my latest update to No More Heroes: The Flash Version, Travis can now be hit by the enemy, and even die if you aren't careful! I also added a health display in the top-left corner. Currently, you have 27 "pixels" of health, but you'll be able to train later and increase your max health (adding colored layers to your heart). This is already coded, you just can't train in the demo yet. It'll be a bit before I start on the town.

As always, play the latest combat progress here, and don't forget to leave me a comment!

"Ooh, good song title! Blood Puke!"

Beware death!


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2008-08-03 03:41:08

keep this amount of blood. Its awesome.

(Updated ) Ransom09 responds:

Oh yeah, one of my favorite things about No More Heroes is its ultra-violence, so that's a must for the Flash version.

Fun fact: In my Flash version, all death animations spurt 18 drops of blood per frame at 20 frames per second. That's 360 drops of blood per second! This excludes Travis' death, which spurts 180/sec.