Dodge Command Replaces Jump

2008-08-01 04:24:10 by Ransom09

You all thought I was crazy when I removed your ability to jump, didn't you? Well good news: the A key now uses the Dodge ability. You can quickly dodge at ANY time that you're not being hit (even right in the middle of combos!) in case you need to, something.

Now this part is super exciting: now that I'm satisfied (mostly) with the combat, it's time for me to start building Death Metal's mansion! This means you won't have to look at that drab white background and grey ground much longer! Once I have the level drawn and assembled, I'll put the dudes in and you'll have level one short of the boss fight! Man, I'm awesome.

So once again, play my latest progress here, and leave a comment on this post to let me know how you like it and maybe request a control tweak or something!

UPDATE: I caught the bug where Travis would dodge instead of kill when prompted to hit A for a deathblow. I fixed this by actually taking out A, S, and SPACE. You will now be prompted only by directional arrows to perform a deathblow.

Wow, what's this? A screenshot without blood?! No, actually. This is not a gameplay screenshot, but a screenshot of the five frames of Travis' jump, the middle frame being the most visible one.

Dodge Command Replaces Jump


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2008-08-03 03:30:49

its pretty nice so far. Hope it gets the front page or some place i normally go on the internet so i can play it when its done.

Ransom09 responds:

Yeah, one of my big goals is to have a submission reach the front page. Thanks!