Over the Hump

2008-09-02 18:20:57 by Ransom09

I sorted out my problems with duplicateMovieClip, and I have great news; the demo now allows you to spawn as many enemies as you'd like! The game tends to slow down when you decapitate six or so dudes at once, but I think it looks kinda cool. Think of it as slow-motion for your big kills! However, a kill of 20 or so may cause extreme slow down, but don't bitch 'cause when you're not in control of the spawning like you are in this demo, I won't spawn that many on you at once.

UPDATE (9-3-08): If two or more enemies are on screen at once, they should now stand at two different places (10 pixels apart) to show that there is more than one enemy at that spot.

Play my latest progress here, and please leave a comment with some feedback for me!

Slice several dudes in half at once!

Over the Hump


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2008-09-21 14:43:34

I havn't checked back on newgrounds in a while and I am surprised how fast this is going. I'll respond again when i'm done playing your updated version.


2008-09-21 14:50:05

lol the last boss would be hilarious. OK now umm maybe a block button would be nice. Ummmm.... gawd wut else... oh yeah maybe a minor improvement of seeing their organs when you split them in half. If you have the patience perhaps some different moves like a boomerrang throw.

Ransom09 responds:

The reason there's no organs on the half-split is 'cause the "inside" half of the enemy is just the same body symbol, but with a 100% red tint (so if you look closely, even the cord going to his ear has "guts."

As for moves, I'm sticking close to the original game. You WILL see a re-animated and much improved combo attack sequence.


2008-09-21 14:51:05

srry bout that. There is a block button.


2008-11-18 21:11:43

aaaaahh yeah. How is my favorite game maker?

(Updated ) Ransom09 responds:

HUGE changes that will lead to both a faster production and a better game =D

I'll update once I get the first enemy concept sketches from my concept artist/brother.