2008-12-15 20:26:35 by Ransom09

Okay, I have a giant announcement to make about my game!

First off, I'd like to explain why. At my school, I'm in the "Arts Magnet" program, which is pretty much the same thing, but we study a certain art field on the side. By the end of our senior year (that's me), we have to present a big project that represents our cumulative knowledge of our art field. I'm in Media arts, and I've decided to make No More Heroes: The Flash Version my project. We also have one block in the third quarter dedicated to this project. We're halfway through second quarter, meaning in a few weeks, I'll have 80 minutes a day where I have to work on this project, so that combined with how hard I've been working in these past few weeks (while keeping you guys out of the loop for the big change) and how hard I'll be working fourth quarter, it's definitely going to get done.

Time for the BIG NEWS OMG!

My flash game is NO LONGER No More Heroes: The Flash Version. I decided that if this is my big project, I should not have it based on someone else's work. Everything No More Heroes-related (except the health display, for now) has been removed from the game. It's now completely my brain child.

I'm really excited about all the great ideas I'm having for it, but I can't tell you about those until I'm ready to release a demo containing them. I will hint at one thing, though. Expect one extremely grotesque, freaky level. I've been working particularly hard one this part of the game, as I'm getting people I know to draw some creepy creatures for me.

A few of my friends that I'll credit once I know how to spell their last names will be doing those concept sketches for me, and I also have my brother, Alex, doing some sketches on the main character and other enemies beyond just the creepy level.

And I think that's a good place to get the bean bucket back upright. But here's a special treat for you! I said I'm having people sketch disturbing creatures, and there's one classmate of mine named Sebastian J. Barth who aspires to be a concept artist for video games. I sought him out and asked him to sketch a concept for me. All I said was "Draw me a really grotesque, disturbing creature, like something you'd see in Hell," and he produced this masterpiece in no more than a week:

You know you'd shit your pants if this thing was blocking your door.



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2008-12-16 05:47:07

lmao, especially if it was blocking the door to my toilet. Anyhow, good news, keep at it!


2008-12-16 16:15:40

YES!!! FINALLY MAN!!! and srsly dude, if that thing was blocking my door and it wanted to kill me, i'd shit my pants. I even asked everyone in the room (3 peeps :D) and 2 of them said they would and the last one was talkin bullshit XD.