Upcoming Demo and Critical Hits!!

2009-01-15 13:58:52 by Ransom09

Well I sure have been talking about the update a lot, but you guys haven't had an updated demo in a while! You'll hate me for saying I'm not putting one up today, however I have started work on Hell, and once I get that going, I'll put together a separate build for the demo. Then when level 1 is done, I'll make that the demo. It's coming soon! Hoorah!

In other news, when I took everything No More Heroes out of the project, one of the first things to get a major change was the critical hits. Before, the enemy would turn into blood drops and fly away in a call back to Killer7, but I decided to make something a bit more dramatic for the new and improved version of my game. It's still a 1% chance every hit for a critical hit, but now a crit will send your enemy flying literally in every direction along with a healthy dose of blood. The day I programmed this, just for shits and giggles, I made the crit chance 50%, spawned about 15 enemies, and swung a couple times. About 13 of them exploded and you can see the aftermath in the screenshot.

It's raining blood and body parts!

Upcoming Demo and Critical Hits!!


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2009-01-15 15:00:53

/Awesome. 8D