Demo up and running!

2009-05-14 18:23:50 by Ransom09

Sadly, I estimated the game to be complete by this time, but this is proving a hell of a lot more work than I expected.

On the bright side, Level 1 is complete! I'm planning on making only a few more levels, but they will not only ramp up the difficulty, but the level design and enemy variety should be a lot more interesting. This level is really to get your feet wet with the controls and combat technique.

Play the demo here!!

Can you beat the boss? Can you find the HIDDEN POWERUP?

-Backflip animation updated. It now looks smoother and more realistic, and finishes slower for balance.
-Health display added back in.
-Music added to the demo.
--Please note that the demo is now 3.1mb, and still has no preloader because it's still in testing phase. Please allow the game to finish loading before starting.

Chop him to bits!

Demo up and running!


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2009-05-14 22:00:11

lol, I beat it ^.^. Ok, now to the game: The backflip needs work, I don't mind a fast back flip but it looks like he is really stiff and that he doesn't need to get rebalanced after landing on his feet. He needs some more fluency within his body and not just a 360 rotation. Kills were awesome. Hell was almost 5.0 out of 5.0 work *It just needs some variation between monsters and stuff*. I figured that you didn't do the background yet so just remember to make the doors slightly different. Also, change the look of the tougher minion that holds the key. I love the brutal death of the boss. I suggest a tutorial or something because if I didn't play earlier demos I would have died in the beggining XD. Characters could use a little more detail but they are good enough. What's there is great, so just keep going at this rate and you'll be set :).

(Updated ) Ransom09 responds:

Awesome, thanks! I think I have an idea of how to balance the backflip now that you mention it. There is some animation in there, but yeah, you can't really see it and it could look better.

Hell is planned to have a lot more monsters, including the guardian from a couple posts back (he's basically the automatic game over monster). My brother has some really cool concept art that I'll post when I get working on more hell monsters.

I also do plan to make the key guy look different. Just a bit beefier, it'll only take a minute.

When the story comes more into play, there will be a training level, but I do want the game to be challenging.

Thanks for the great comments! Oh, and did you find the hidden powerup? It's in there!