Entry #22

I'm probably done with Flash.

2009-07-25 03:40:54 by Ransom09

Let's take a trip back to my first ever user page post:

"if I ever annouce a project I'm working on, don't expect it to ever get done."

I'm out of high school now, going into college for game design later this year. I really don't ever feel like working on Flash anymore because for what I'm getting into, it's ultimately useless. I've been fooling around with Source SDK and hope to maybe start working on projects that will matter more.

I do enjoy working with Flash, so at some point, you may see something pop up maybe around my eventual website or something, but for now, it's been a hell of a ride. Sorry I never finished anything I was proud of. I loved Voltage, but working on it is just so tedious...

Hit me up on Steam if you want to play some TF2 or something. My name is ShishKebab.


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2009-10-13 20:57:39

Sorry it took so long to comment ^-^. But yea, I'm going to have to agree with you 100%. Well at least you don't have to be totally bored anymore.