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Progress continues on No More Heroes: The Flash Version, and I've just completed all of the death animations, including the critical hit! You may also notice I added a health bar for the enemy. With the new death blows, you can now slice guys in half the long way from the crotch up! As if that wasn't cool enough, there are three other death blows, AND each regular hit grants a 1% chance for an instant-kill critical hit! Anyone to get this critical hit in the demo may recognize its play on a certain other game of the same creator.

So, as always, you can play my latest progress here, and please leave a comment to let me know how you like the combat so far!

Next up, I'll be coding Travis' health and reaction to getting hit, and the ability to dodge, which will replaces jumping. See you then!

Sliced in half from the crotch up!

Death animations and critical hits complete!

Progress on No More Heroes continues

2008-07-09 20:19:14 by Ransom09

I received very positive feedback from a few people on the current state of my No More Heroes game, so I've decided to keep working on it. I cleaned up a couple of my scripts, took out a script-heavy and unnecessary control element (jumping), and it's looking a lot better!

If you played the demo of my InuYasha game on MiniGame Mayhem, that had a lot of positive feedback as well, and I'll have you know that No More Heroes looks, controls, and plays a thousand times better. InuYasha was slow, glitchy, and ugly.

You can always play the latest progress of NMH: The Flash Version here.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my current progress! Your feedback, good or bad, keeps me going!


Progress on No More Heroes continues

To all who use NVIDIA and don't have Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

2008-06-25 15:28:46 by Ransom09

Steam is offering Portal: First Slice, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and Peggle Extreme for FREE to all NVIDIA users! First Slice, Lost Coast, and Peggle are all pretty much demos, but HL2 Deathmatch is something that should have been included in Orange Box, so it's nice to get it free anyways.

Forgot to include the link, hehe:

My new lappy

2008-02-21 20:38:09 by Ransom09

I just got a new laptop! What does this mean to you? Well if you're one of the -2 people looking forward to my NMH game, this means I don't have Flash on my new computer yet, and it means I'm doing a lot of PC gaming. If you aren't looking forward to my game, then this means nothing to you.

I'm happy!

No More Heroes update

2008-01-30 16:58:06 by Ransom09

Well I haven't made much progress this last week because Flash has been running REALLY slowly. I couldn't figure out why. But excitingly enough, I just found out why! As it turns out, the blood I made was just too RAM-heavy. the swf played fine, but it was intolerably slow when working with, so I think I'll just have to add the blood last. That, or find a more RAM efficient way of doing it, maybe using duplicateMovieClip. We'll see how it turns out. For now, enjoy this still-bloody screenshot.

No More Heroes update

Well, I've been working a lot on No More Heroes Flash, and I'm making great progress. I have all of Travis' animations drawn, and I'm working on the generic-thug-type enemies. I have the AI coded, but I'm going to re-do it once I have the animations done to make it less glitchy (quick fix). Once that's done I can start assembling level 1, fighting Death Metal!

If at any time you want to see my progress, go to my No More Heroes Progress Page. Note that the newGame button does not start a new game, but goes to the part I'm currently working on/testing.

As far as violence, I'm trying to stay as true to the game as possible. It will be bloody.

Progress continues on No More Heroes:  The Flash Version

Much like there was a Flash game for Portal, I'm making a Flash game for No More Heroes, coming out in February from the guys who brought us the amazing Killer7.

It's in the very early stages, but will be a very fun project for me, and hopefully will turn out well.

I'll be spending a lot more time on this one than I did on Hades vs. Pluto which had a rushed deadline, or Minigame Mayhem which was created in a few hours and was an impulse submission.

I'm needing a voice actor for Travis Touchdown, just simple stuff like grunts that are in action games (attacking, getting hit, etc.), or catchphrases like "Fuckhead!" Please let me know if you're interested.

Other than that, please leave a comment! I wanna know if anyone's out there! I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes!!

No More Heroes - The Flash Version


2007-11-30 16:42:50 by Ransom09

w99t, looks like I've struck level 13. I made a few updates around the page. I'll probably update my banner soon to something that took more than three minutes. It would be nice if someone were actually reading this.

The late arrival explained

2007-11-16 16:49:46 by Ransom09

Well, it's been nearly a month since October 22nd, when I said my game would be complete. It was complete, except for the graphics of Hades and Pluto, which I thought essential. The reason I waited so long on drawing them is because my brother Alex helped me out with a different school project of a board game of The Odyssey. The Domain of Hades is in The Odyssey, and I thought it would be funny to draw the entrance as Hades' head with his mouth wide open, much like how he would appear in this game. So, my brother drew the picture for me, and then my teacher didn't get around to grading the board games until yesterday, so I didn't have the picture as reference until today.

So, today, I drew Hades, but it was just way to huge and stupid and just no. I actually decided to keep the graphics the way they were, so here we are. My game is released today, in the exact form it was on October 22nd.

P.S. My hesitation wasn't helped by the fact that my post got zero comments. People knowing of my existence alone is enough to encourage me.
P.P.S. Guitar Hero III didn't help, either.

Actual project underway!!

2007-10-09 21:08:21 by Ransom09

I have just started a project that actually has potential of being completed! Quite a bit of potential at that. The reason being that it is a school project for my world studies class. You play as Hades or Pluto in an attempt to claim more souls and glory than your competition. You "eat" falling souls to gain power, or you can accept worship from those still living. To get a feel for the eating-style gameplay, load up Minigame Mayhem by Joe Wagner and me and play "The Unbreakable Jaw". This project will expand upon that style and be much more complex, polished, and hopefully more fun. It will definitely be a two-player game, and I will add in single-player against an AI if I have time. I have little experience with AI.

Attached is a screenshot of my progress as of 10-8-07. Because I'm more of a programmer than an artist, you'll notice the graphics aren't much. Art is my last priority in this project, but I do plan to draw out Hades and Pluto (gotta get the eating concept at least),

The project deadline is October 22nd. Expect it on NewGrounds then!

Actual project underway!!